Six skills to thrive in inclusive & diverse workplaces

From shy, bully or clueless to effectively engaging with those who are different...

Fear of being wrong, not wanting to look bad for not knowing, being politically correct, not saying what you feel for saving face - these all lead to pseudo engagement versus full engagement across differences. In this interactive workshop everyday skills to increase your competence working with those who are different from you across race, gender, class, cognitive and other differences of a diverse workforce are discussed and practiced. The six complex skills are:

Six skills to thrive...


What is diversity?

What is diversity, why should I care and how do I go about it once I understand it is a good thing for my organization?

With so much information out there on Diversity and Inclusion, how do you sort it out and take the best to approach the issue in your organization, especially if you are new or short on funds? This workshop answers three basic questions to initiate and/or strengthen your diversity initiative:

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To fight or not to fight?

Understanding your style and developing new skills for effectively managing conflict in the workplace...

In a recent study 85 percent of surveyed workers reported conflicts at work, but does 85% of your workforce know how to manage conflicts effectively? Can people differentiate between conflicts and differences? Do they know what their preferred style for managing conflict is? Can they use the best style according to the situation and other peoplesí style? At the end of this workshop participants:

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