Workshops and Presentations

Chaos Management offers corporations and individuals a variety of learning opportunities in addition to our consultations. These include:


Chaos Management workshops are tailored to the organizations’ professional development goals and use a variety of methods to meet different learning styles. Our workshops provide opportunities to reflect on experiences, learn theory, develop skills, and apply learnings to workplace situations. They differ from our presentations in that they are “hands-on” and directly engage the participants in a series of activities that produce learning such as lectures, individual and group exercises, discussions and personal reflection. Workshops are designed to last for three hours to three days to meet your focus and resources.


Evangelina Holvino is an engaging speaker who offers presentations, seminars and webinars on a variety of topics. Dr. Holvino’s presentations last from 60-90 minutes and offer a combination of research findings, anecdotes, and recommendations for participants to take home clear guidelines about the topic.

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