About Chaos Management

Our Vision

We envision a time when organizations are a place where social justice is practiced in everything the organization does every day and where organizations contribute to and model just practices because justice is good for people, for the business, and for the world.

We believe in:

  • Positive change for more autonomy and equality in organizations and communities.
  • People solving problems and making decisions together.
  • Effectively using and bridging the relevant differences in the group.
  • Developing and applying new skills and knowledge.
  • Questioning assumptions to find better ways of accomplishing goals.
  • Focusing on the task and the people issues which get in the way of accomplishing results.
  • Learning from experience, reflection and action.

Why “Chaos Management”?

We called our firm “Chaos Management” because the rapid pace of change in the 21st century has created the need to balance productivity with creativity, continuity with change, control with delegation, and competition with collaboration. Successful organizations continue to be successful because in an increasingly evolving environment they provide members with opportunities for challenge and growth while maintaining enough continuity and stability to deliver results with comfort.

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